Liquid Table


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Thanks to the mysterious shimmer of its surfaces, this table looks like precious jewelry and can become a real object of desire. Just as a statement fashion accessory can enhance any look, the table's fine lines and eye-catching texture will complement any interior.

While working on this piece, the designers were inspired by the versatility of metal, its visual qualities, sound, and physical properties. This led them to create an object that seems to dissolve in space, sparkling in the sunlight like a water surface.

The functionality is really wide: from a coffee table with three levels to hold your morning cuppa and gourmet breakfast - to a pedestal displaying your favorite decor in the living room or your best accessories in the dressing room.

The tops of each table are hand-stamped with the studio's hallmark and serial number at the bottom and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The liquid table is made entirely of stainless steel, which is an extremely durable material that will last for years. The table is 100% recyclable, we have not used any additional details from other materials.

Material: stainless steel

Designers: Anna&Sergii Baierzdorf