Is a Ukrainian furniture & decor brand founded during the challenging 2022 by two interior designers from Odesa — Serhiy and Anna Baiersdorf. Trying to overcome the numbing war obstacles, they used their creativity as a self-empowering tool and created a design company that explores eccentricity within convenience encourages the comfort of being unique.

Created with curiosity, each FURN OBJECT is an emotion that has been experienced and then materialized in a playful interior piece by designers Anna and Sergei Baierzdorf. They love playing with complex knots and experimenting with new techniques, shapes, and textures. It gives each object a special distinctive character.

People are talking a lot about diversity and uniqueness today, yet giving preference to practical and utilitarian things. Minimalism and functionality conquered the world by making life easier, while slowly vanishing authenticity and self-expression.

FURN OBJECT is the encouragement to search for something that is truly yours. The invitation to prioritize aesthetics beyond function, yet still get a feeling of convenience.


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